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Welcome to Kona Essence where we offer 100% Kona Coffee that is Fresh Roasted in Southern California

The Best Coffee in the World

What’s so special about 100% Kona Coffee? Just as Champagne wine can only come from the Champagne area of France, the Champagne of the coffee world, certified 100% Kona Coffee, can only come from the small growing district around Kona on the west coast of the Big Island in Hawaii. The area is known for it’s unique volcanic soil and the mild, frost-free climate that produces the perfect coffee, renowned for it’s low acidity, rich, smooth, balanced flavor and heady aroma. 100% Kona coffee, by it’s very nature, is “hand made.” The weather patterns in the Kona region mean that the coffee is harvested year-round, and therefore must be done by hand. Only fully ripe cherries are selected. These very special beans are then washed in pure Hawaiian rainwater and slowly sun-dried in the glorious Kona sunshine. It’s a gentle and natural process that respects the beans as well as the coffee lover.

What is Kona Essence?

Kona Essence is 100% Kona coffee from a single estate in the heart of the certified growing district in the Kona region. At Kona Essence, we start with the finest estate-grown beans available. “Estate-grown” means that everything is controlled from beginning to end to ensure absolute highest quality. And as the best beans come from high up the slopes, our beans come from way, way up the tropical slopes of the Hualalai volcano in the Kona coffee district on the Big Island of Hawaii. We bring the sun-dried ‘green’ beans directly from the estate to California where we roast them to perfection, in small batches, by hand, at a gourmet coffee roaster. These beautiful, fresh roasted beans are then hand packed in bags and shipped or delivered to your door within hours. Sometimes they are still warm!

Kona Essence Special Breakfast Club

Coffee loses 25%-50% of its peak flavor and aroma within the first two weeks of roasting. At Kona Essence, we only offer the freshest of coffee. In fact, we roast our 100% estate-grown Kona Coffee every other week and ship or deliver to you within 24 hours or less of roasting. Never drink “old” coffee again. Become a Kona Essence Breakfast Club member and you’ll always have a delicious fresh-roasted cup of coffee to enjoy. Order as much or as little coffee as you think you’ll drink in 1-2 weeks time. By the time you are on your last cup of coffee, we’ll be roasting your next fresh batch. Breakfast Club Benefits: • Free shipping – worth over 10% saving on each order • Choices – Dark Roast, Medium Roast, whole beans and ground coffee • Customized delivery options – order as much or as little as you want • Flexible ordering – no obligations. Need to hold, cancel or change your order … just let us know 48 hours before the next roast • Special Breakfast Club offers and discounts on future products

To join, contact us by email or give us a call.


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