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Once you've experienced the rich, warm flavor of fresh-roasted KONA Essence coffee, you may not be able to go back to your 'normal' coffee. Fortunately, you don't have to. Become a KONA Essence Breakfast Club member and we'll keep your 100% Kona coffee coming as often as you'd like. Coffee loses 25%-50% of its PEAK flavor and aroma within the first two weeks of roasting. No longer is there a need to buy bulk coffee at your local wholesale shop. We roast our 100% Kona Coffee every week and ship or deliver within 24 hours or less of roasting. Order only as much coffee as you think you'll consume in 1-2 eeks time. As you are grinding up the last few beans, your next order will be roasting fresh. It is so important to us that you have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh-roasted cup of 100% Kona Coffee that SHIPPING IS ON US! That's a savings of over 10% off your total order! Kona Breakfast Club Perks: Custom delivery options to suit your personal coffee habits. Each order will conveniently be charged to your credit card the week of delivery. No obligations except the pleasure of enjoying the freshest coffee around when you want it! Need to hold... just let us know 48 hours prior to scheduled roast. Special Breakfast Club offers and discounts on future products. To join contact us via email at dream@konaessence.com or give us a call at 310-710-6481