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What's so Special about 100% Kona Coffee? If you want the best, it's got to be 100% Kona Coffee. At least that's what coffee aficionados the world over will tell you. And, to be certified 100% Kona coffee, it's got to come from the unique growing district on the west coast of the Big Island in Hawaii. More than just nice views, the Kona growing district is known for it's unique volcanic soil, and the mild, frost-free climate that produces the perfect coffee, renowned for it's rich, medium-bodied flavor and heady aroma. 100% Kona coffee, by it's nature, is 'hand made.' Like creating a bottle of fine wine, at Kona Essence we take great care at every step of the process to ensure you have nothing but the very best coffee. The Kona region's weather patterns mean that coffee is harvested year-round, and therefore must be done by hand. These pampered beans are then sun-dried, fresh-roasted to order in small batches, hand-packed, and shipped the same day they're roasted... all so that you get to enjoy them at their peak of flavor. But, once you taste Kona Essence coffee, you'll know is was well worth the effort. At Kona Essence, the promise is in the aroma, but the proof is in the cup.
Why 100% Kona?